Nicki Minaj’s Anal Sex Musical Inspiration Revealed

May 4th, 2023

Rapper Nicki Minaj appears to reveal the anal sex inspiration behind her hit single “Anaconda” in the recently uncovered video above.

Nicki Minaj nude ass

It certainly is fascinating to hear Nicki Minaj explain how taking an enormous cock up her shit box inspired her to write a double platinum hit.
Nicki Minaj nude

Of course it couldn’t be more clear from Nicki’s description of her backdoor banger’s gigantic manhood and hairy ball satchel, that he was not a degenerate dirt skin but rather a virile Muslim man…
Nicki Minaj nude

For not only are the meat scuds of us Muslims many times larger than any abid’s AIDS-riddled ashy dong, but only we possess the necessary thrusting power to really penetrate and pulverize a plump posterior the size of Nicki’s.


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