Elle Fanning Nude Scenes From “The Great” Season 3 In 4K

May 14th, 2023

Elle Fanning nude

The video below features actress Elle Fanning’s nude and nearly nude scenes from season 3 of her Hulu series “The Great” brightened and enhanced in ultra high definition.

As we can see from this video, on this show Elle Fanning is portraying Russian leader Vladimir Putin… Which is of course ridiculous as Elle is much too tall… And her tits aren’t nearly big enough.

However with that said, everything else about this series appears to be historically accurate, as Elle captures Putin’s degenerate behavior perfectly by showing off her plump round ass in season 1 of the series (in the video clip above), and her perky pink Slavic milk sacks during a sex scene in season 2 (in the video below).

Of course no one knows for sure what season 4 of this Putin biopic will bring, but at some point it will no doubt feature Elle taking a NATO supplied HIMARS rocket up her anus hole.


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